Sunday, June 28, 2015

ISAAC | Tumwater Falls Portrait Session | Olympia, WA

I have to give mad props to my nephew Isaac! Traditionally guys, especially teenage boys, are not as enthusiastic about photoshoots as us girls. You generally don't find them scouring their Pinterest page pinning ideas for their next photoshoot, or practicing their poses in the mirror the weeks leading up to their shoot. So it came with no surprise that Isaac was a bit hesitant going into a photoshoot starring just him. However, after a bit of warming up in front of the camera, Isaac brought it! I kept seeing flashes of the rugged models from Outside magazine, images of James Dean and even fades of the great comics of the past. Great work Isaac!

Without further adieu, I am excited to share a few images from my shoot with Isaac, taken at Tumwater Falls Park in Olympia, WA!

EMILY + CAMERON | Whatcom Falls Bellingham Engagement

"When I look at you , I can feel it. I look at you, and I'm home"  -Dory [Finding Nemo]

Emily Brooks and Cameron Neuhauser met at Blaine High School, but they didn't actually start dating until after they had both graduated. It was then that Cameron found out that Emily had her heart set on him since their days in high school. Four years ago, they had their first date; taking a stroll through Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham, WA. A stunning park which is beloved by all who traipse through Bellingham. However, for Emily and Cameron, it has a much deeper meaning, in that it was a beginning to their forever.

As if leaping off of a movie screen, their relationship contains the crucial elements of an unforgettable love story. Heart. Persistence. Endurance. Laughter. Sorrow. Joy. Emily and Cameron have had to endure things that most couples haven't had to face in a life time, but they have endured though each hurdle like a seasoned synchronized swim team ... working together to persevere and endure.

I am so excited to share their engagement session with you, and I am even more excited to capture their wedding this September at the Mount Baker Rotary Building in Lynden, WA.

Here's to your sweet love Emily & Cameron!


If having adorable, personality filled kids were illegal, the Hazan family would be found extremely guilty on two counts! I truly enjoyed meeting the Hazan family at the AM/PM beach for their family mini session in Sudden Valley. The weather was spectacular, and the sun emitted so much beautiful golden light, that I have dubbed this family: "The Golden Family"! Between the buttery light and their beautiful smiles, the Hazan family truly shown bright!